30 Minutes of Exercise is all you need to become healthy

Want to feel better and be full of energy? Make it a point to exercise everyday, just for 30 minutes.

Exercising for just 30 minutes a day helps in improving your mood, sleep quality, brain power, attention span, social life and overall happiness. You can start with less strenuous exercise such as conscious breathing, stretching, swimming or walking. The right amount of exercise can keep your degeneration levels at bay and ensures a healthy quality of life as you age. Getting involved in intensive exercise is not the only solution or compensation for binge eating over the weekend. Exercising smart is the key to being healthy.

Consistent walking is considered one of the best exercises that work wonders with a balanced nutrition plan and great sleep. Whether you are watching regular TV with commercial interruptions take some time out of your couch potato routine take a quick walk or involve yourself in some stretching exercise.

Exercising is often taken as a boring activity by most of us. But if you wish you can smartly make those 30  minutes the most enjoyable ones. You can play some light music in the background while you are exercising or play something energetic songs that boost your mood while you exercise.

Its very important to involve your body in some kind of exercise throughout the day be it walking, running or climbing stairs. Without great health, we end up just deteriorating or living a less fulfilled life. Living an inactive life is definitely not a good choice. We must consider health as a key facet of personal development.

Exercising just for 30 minutes s day is the single greatest gift you give to your body. Its important to make it a part of your routine to add more years to your life, it is as simple as that.