Why late night eating is not good for health

Do you sneak out in the kitchen late at night in search of food? Do you keep delaying your dinner due to your busy working schedule? If you are doing so, stop doing it right now as late night eating is considered harmful for your health. Below are a few reasons why you should avoid doing it.


1) Affects your memory and concentration levels

Indulging in midnight snacking is harmful to your health. Studies show that our meal timings have a far-reaching impact on our brain psychology and learned behaviour. Irregular eating patterns can affect the brain’s natural ability of learning and memorizing.

2) Affects Metabolic health

Eating late is detrimental to your health because it reduces the rate at which carbohydrates are metabolised. Further, it can also lead to decreased glucose tolerance. This can increase your risk of insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, diabetes type 2 and heart disease.

3) You may gain weight Your ability to gain or lose weight does not depend only on your calorie intake but also on your timing of food. Calories that may consume late at night is most likely to be stored as fat in your body and results into gaining more weight.


What you can do :

  1. Eat the right food : If can’t stop yourself from late snacking, you must opt for a light salad like few berries, some pumpkin seeds or a cup of warm milk.
  2. Eat early : It is advisable to eat at least 3 hours before going to bed.
  3. Calorie math : Keep a count of calories you eat in order to know how much calories do you consume every day.
  4. Indulge but also exercise : Its the calorie you eat versus the calorie you burn.