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5 Best Supplements for Better Health

The diet you are eating may seem to provide adequate amount all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you need for optimal health. But there are many more factors which contribute to the absorption of these vital nutrients. This is why, despite all the arguments and debates, supplements have become an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

These are top 5 dietary supplements that both men and women should take on a daily basis to make your nutrition complete.

1) Multivitamin

Even healthy diets may contain nutrient gaps. The daily multivitamin will help fill in those gaps and provide your body, whatever was missing in your diet.Different multivitamins may be suitable for individuals of different gender and age. For example, if eye disease runs in your family, you may go for a multivitamin with lutein. NutraGrace’s MULTIZ capsules is an ideal multivitamin with multiple health benefits, find out here:

2) Fish Oil

Fatty fish like salmon should be a part of your regular diet at least twice a week. If you are a vegetarian then it may be wise decision to supplement with fish oil, which is a source of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA are very vital for a healthy heart. Click here, for Nutra Grace’s fish oil supplements.

3) Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that supports bone, teeth, muscle and immune health. Also, low vitamin D has been linked to several types of cancer, weight gain, depression, poor nutrient absorption.  D31K capsules from Nutra Grace can be your ideal supplement for Vitamin D.(

4) Calcium

Calcium is required for maintaining strong bones, healthy teeth, muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission and blood clotting. Due to its multiple functions in the body, meeting the recommended level of calcium intake is important. For adults 1,000 mg to 1,200 mg is a recommended dosage.

5) Whey Protein

Whey protein isn’t a supplement which you can’t do without, but it’s probably a great idea to take it for the unique benefits it has to offer.It plays an important role in muscle building, muscle recovery, and even fat loss. Also for people crossing over the 50-year mark, whey protein can help evade muscle degenerating. Nutra Grace Whey protein is the ideal protein supplement for quick muscle growth. Buy it here:

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