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6 Reasons Why You Often Get Sick!

During this time of the year when we experience a transition into the winter season, common cold &flu is quite rampant. Mornings are getting chillier, the days are hotter and after sunset, it gets cooler, so our bodies are also getting confused. A nasty cold infection can adversely affect your work efficiency or your workouts at the gym. But are you one of those people who keep getting sick irrespective of the season? Then, it’s time to fight back and stop bacteria and virus attacks.

Here are 6 reasons you keep getting sick and how you can fix them.

  1. Irregular sleeping pattern: If you are getting less than five hours of sleep a night, you illnesses clung on to you more than other people. When a body is not rested enough the immunity weakens and our body becomes vulnerable to infections. Sleeping regularly and adhering to a schedule can be done to strengthen immunity.
  1. Eating unhealthy: Not providing the right fuel for your body will make it susceptible to illness as it lacks major nutrients. Eating a healthy, varied diet will help to boost your immunity, and increase your chances of fending off the viruses.
  1. You have Vitamin D deficiency: Vitamin D regulates the key antimicrobial proteins which keep foreign bacteria and viruses away.Maintaining a healthy level of Vitamin D helps your body fight off colds and also have increased muscle power production. Try to eat Vitamin D rich foods like eggs, pork, fish, and mushrooms or you can also opt for supplements (2,000-4,000 IU daily).
  1. You are drinking too much Coffee: Drinking too much coffee will also stress your nervous system and give you colds and flu. Reducing your coffee intake by 50% will give your nervous system a break and your immune system an opportunity to recharge.
  1. Your gut health is not stable: A healthy belly is responsible for 70% of your immune system as the “good” bacteria in your belly helps prevent foreign invaders from penetrating your immune defenses. TO better belly health try eating Paleo-friendly foods like kimchi, herbal tea, and yogurt to get your daily dose of “good” bacteria. Also consume probiotics once in a while.
  1. You don’t wash your hands frequently: Do you wash your hands every time before you have lunch or any meal throughout the day? Your hands and nails are potent carriers of germs, viruses and bacteria which can cause a number of health diseases. So make sure you wash your hands before touching the food you eat.

We hope this article will help you keep healthy and avoid some silly bad habits which may be getting you sick now and then!

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