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8 Foods For A Healthy Liver

The liver is considered as the main detoxifying powerhouse of our body. The liver is responsible for all the healthy functions in our body such as it helps in detoxification, carb metabolism, protein synthesis, hormone secretion and red blood cell decomposition. Here we have a list of 8 foods that help to keep your liver healthy.

1) Garlic : Garlic contains all the essential sulphur compounds for the proper functioning of the liver and activating the liver enzymes for flushing out toxins and water from the body. Most importantly it helps the liver in detoxification.

2) Citrus Fruits : Grapefruits, lemons and limes are natural sources of Vitamin C. Citrus fruits help in boosting the production of liver detoxification enzymes.

3) Avocado : Avocado is a buttery and nutty fruit that has innumerable health benefits. They have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also assists the liver in removing chemicals from the body and prevents cellular damage.

4) Broccoli : Broccoli consists of sulphur compounds that aid in the detoxification process of your body. These fibrous veggies can help to flush out toxins from your gut. And helps in suppressing liver damage.

5) Beetroot juice : Beetroot juice is rich in nitrates and antioxidants called betalains that helps to reduce oxidative damage and inflammation in the liver.

6) Turmeric : An incredible herb that helps to repair liver cells. Turmeric is particularly good at helping the liver detox from heavy metals and benefits in in hormone metabolism. Turmeric is also helpful in the production of bile and improves the health gallbladder.

7) Nuts : Nuts are rich in fats, nutrients including the antioxidant vitamin E. This composition is responsible for several health benefits especially for the liver. Nuts consist of high levels of i-arginine, glutathione and omega 3 fatty acids which help to detoxify the liver.

8) Red Cabbage : Red cabbage consists of antioxidants. It helps to reduce the inflammation triggered by high levels of cholesterol diet. Red cabbage protects the liver against toxicity.

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