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Liver is considered to be the main organ for detoxification and which functions optimally between 1am to 3am. Here is a list of bedtime drinks that can help you in the process of detoxification.

1) Chamomile Tea – It is considered to be one of the best beverages for nighttime. It helps the liver to prepare its detoxification pathways. It also helps to relax your nerve cells and reduces stress and anxiety. It has anti inflammatory effects that help in alleviating inflamed muscles and tissues.

2) Warm lemon water – Lemon has cleansing properties that which supports healthy liver functions. You must use organic lemons and squeeze them in a jar or just cut and arrange them in a jar full of water. When taken as bedtime drink it helps to remove harmful toxins from our blood.

3) Oatmeal Tea – Make a great nutritional detox drink with a cup of Oats. It is high in vitamins and minerals that help in liver detoxification. It also helps to calm your nerves.

4) Mint Tea – Mint tea has high concentrations of essential oils, methanol and mentona which aids proper functioning of your digestive process. Mint Tea is recommended to after having hearty meals. Mint also overcomes the blockage of foods that result in excessive eating and sleep disorders.

5) Rose Tea – Rose Tea ensures proper flow of energy through the liver. Improper flow of energy can lead to depression. It has high concentrations of tannins and its astringent properties help in movement of blood throughout the body. It removes toxins and ensures proper blood flow by detoxifying all the body organs.

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